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Tips for Writing Great Digital Content

Great content is what drives great websites. Great content is what drives great SEO.Great content drives great social media engagement. Great content is the basis for great Marketing! Content writing is my most requested service. I write content daily. Then I rewrite it. Then I write it again. Content writing is an evolution. It takes research. It takes an understanding of the topic. It takes having an emotional connection. There is a fine line of too little and too much content. Here are a few rules of thumb when writing great content: 1) Plan where you NEED content and HOW MUCH content. When you have an understanding of where your content is being placed, it helps guide you in your writing. It tells you what your are writing about. Do not write content without a plan.Work with your website developer on a layout. Look at your social media plan and see what topics you want to write about (if you don't have a plan, stop writing and go make a plan!) Yes, there will be rewriting and even more rewriting. That is normal! It takes work to make the content align with the goal of your business.

2) Don't be redundant! Think outside of the box when writing content. You know your business, now educate the WORLD about your business. If you notice that you are talking too much about a particular subject and you see duplication on multiple pages, talk with your site developer. Together, make a mutual decision on how to solve for the duplicate content.

3) Write with keywords in mind. Search engines naturally will send 'spiders' to your website to scrape it of information, They use this information to serve to its clients when the search for a keyword or phrase. Make your content keyword rich. Content should be specific to your expertise.

4) If you get a mental block, just start writing. Will it be perfect? Probably not, but it will get the ideas flowing. It will allow your brain to dump its information and you will be able to build upon those ideas. It also helps to find your perfect location that is condusive to writing. It is well lit, comfortable, clean, and your ideal setting. You know yourself more than anyone...find your spot and start writing.

5) Ask for help! There are professionals, like me, that can proofread what you wrote, give a 3rd party insight, or even write everything for you. This is your business. You want to make it the best that it can be. If you know that you can't do that with the content that you write, employ someone else who can.

Keep in mind that writing for a website is different than writing for social media, which is different than email marketing, which is different than writing for print marketing. Make sure that you understand who your audience is and on what platform you are writing for. The delivery makes a difference when converting a prospect into a customer.

Happy writing!

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