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Welcome to VK Marketing Solutions!

Welcome to VK Marketing Solutions! Let me introduce myself on a more personal level. I'm Valerie and I love marketing. I get asked about my WHY all of the time. Most people expect me to say my family. Well, they will always be my why for everything, but for VK Marketing Solutions, I truly enjoy helping others in managing their businesses and seeing them achieve success! I'm passionate about marketing. I love the ever-changing marketing world, especially digital, and the unique challenges that every business has.

Once a corporate Marketer, I decided to stay at home once I had my third child. It was time for new adventures; both on personal and professional levels. My number one priority will always be my family. I also wanted to fulfill my professional goal of owning my own business. Funny, I always thought I'd own a gym (seriously!!). After taking time to really reflect on life and the future, it dawned on me to look at what I love to do. What gives me joy. I love to help others where they struggle.

I've seen many small businesses struggle. They don't have the resources and sometimes, the knowledge, to effectively market their business. And, rightfully so! Marketing is NOT their expertise! Business owners need to focus on what they know in order to keep their customers happy. But, they also have to keep new customers coming through their door or virtual door. They need someone to step in when needed and to help them. Help them achieve more traffic. Help them update and add relevant content to their websites and other marketing materials. Help them start an email marketing campaign. Help them connect socially. And you can't forget the dreaded three little letters that seem to frustrate most business owners...SEO! YES, I can help you with SEO!

Let my passion help your business. Large or small. I can help and I will. Together, we can implement a marketing plan that will grow your business. Send me a message if you are ready for the next steps in making your business even more successful!

Look for future blog posts with helpful (and free) marketing tips that you can incorporate into your business easily and fast. I'll also post on completed projects so that you have an insiders view of my portfolio. If there are marketing topics that you are interested in, please let me know!


Your Friendly Freelance Marketer, Valerie

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